Working on Tengri

Me in my studio .


Hello, I’m Diane Goldie, artist, feminist and maker of wearable art. I don’t know about you , but I’m rather disappointed with the lack of choice and acceptance of difference in the current market when it comes to clothes. Do you ever feel restricted by the choice of ‘latest trends’ offered on the high street? Do you ever feel the wrong shape/age/size/gender to wear what is on offer currently? I know I do. Which is why I started making wearable art. The idea is that the starting point is YOU. You inspire the piece, not outside forces or trends , but YOU. Your hopes , dreams , desires passions, tastes , favourite colours /images etc. I’m hoping to subvert the fashion industry on a small scale, because I know as a woman in her 50s, a little larger than what is deemed acceptable in the fashion industry and as a lover of bright, bold and individual, I could never find anything that made me feel good. So I started making clothes for myself, which in turn made me feel great! I can help you feel great too. So this is what this blog is about.   I’m hoping that  you’ll be able to follow my journey as I try to spread a little colour and empathy in this rather dull and callous world we’re living in .

If you’d like to commission your own piece of wearable art, featuring your own choice of images ( or if you are an artist , your own artwork) and /or text, please contact me on thebabyfairyfifi@hotmail.com    for a consultation and quote or head over to my website www.iheartcart.com.


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