The Big Push

I’m almost ready, the end is in sight, the thrilling goal is almost within reach. For two solid months now I’ve been painting and sewing, putting together an exhibition of portraits of  my dear friends wearing my wearable art

and creating a small but  very political collection that pulls no punches. I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of urgency  right now, the feeling that time is running out, for me , for you for all of us. We have no time to waste. Things have to change and we can’t sit idly by and wait. We have to be part of that change. This is why I’ve created this new collection that is called URGENT. It’s been made entirely from upcycled tshirts and  second hand clothes that have been taken apart and reinterpreted. I’m keen to not add to the waste , being eco friendly and sustainable isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s vital to keep us from an early departure off of this beautiful planet of ours. There is a new punk energy reemerging, probably echoing the Tory female prime minister who we have right now in Brexit UK ( long may it never happen), recalling the heady , riot strewn days of Thatcher. There is a real sense of deja vu going on, except that now the energy isn’t about destroy, it’s the opposite, it’s create and protect. We are wise to the real push of Establishment and Neo-Liberal politics : to create wars to make money. To be anti establishment nowadays means to be a pacifist. This energy to push for peace forms the backbone of my work, to bond with other women in sisterhood, to offer the hand of peace and understanding to those who have misunderstood us, to engage in critical thinking and holistic debate that takes the bigger picture into account rather than focusing on the isolated details that keep us at each other’s throats.The exhibition/event THE LONDON STYLE TRIBE TRIBUTE SHOW is going to be held at the wonderful Resistance Gallery in Poyser Street , Bethnal Green on the 17th/18th September, Saturday and Sunday, from 5pm to 1am each day. There will be large portraits, wearable art, a catwalk with a difference, showcasing 6 original alternative designers, spoken word, stand up, live music including the wonderful Featherz ( Saturday ) and anarchistwood ( Sunday ) plus a very special act to be announced. It’s all terribly , terribly exciting. I can’t wait to see you all there.




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