Dripping Leather and the art of the 80s Vampire movie

Wrap yourself in your passions!

After completing the hand painted leather jacket for the wonderful Vince Kidd (  see previous blog post for details )   I was asked to paint another leather jacket. This one for a lovely man called Lewis. The joy of making wearable art is that you can completely tailor a garment to reflect the wearers passions , and Lewis’s passion is the 80’s Vampire movie starring Kiefer Sutherland called The Lost Boys. I’m old enough to remember it the first time round and I must confess, I rather liked it

What is it about the vampire story that captures the imagination? The mean and moody atmosphere and aesthetic in the film was a perfect complement to the rock and roll cool of a leather jacket. I couldn’t wait to start!

LB start

I started by blocking in the main parts of the design in white and filling in where I needed the red , with the quote in red paint.

Lewis wanted me to include the quote from the film: Sleep all day , Party all night, Never grow old, Never die  a rock and roll quote if ever I’ve seen one. The lightning bolts were to give a jolt of electricity to the design and instead of flames licking the bottom of the jacket and cuffs, I was going to paint red , as if the leather itself was dripping into blood , a strange concept but I think fairly effective. LB edgesThe front was to be a little less dramatic with a few strategically placed details referencing the film.

So here is the finished jacket , first the front:LB front

and the back


LB back

I was pretty pleased the way the design worked out. I love the way that Kiefer’s stare engages the person viewing the jacket from behind. It’s very suitably confrontational.

From a distance the design appears to be in black white and red, but on closer inspection , a very subtle colour palette is revealed. LB back detail1LB back detail 2

LB detail back2

LB back detail

Here are details of the front of the jacket: LB shoulderLB take out

LB detail

I hope Lewis has many hours of happiness being wrapped in his own passions. He tells me he plans to wear it on a trip to Las Vegas. How exciting!

If you have a leather jacket  you’d like me to customise and hand paint, do get in touch.

Leather jacket enquiries here



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