A Bouquet with a difference

An alternative way of saying it with flowers.

I was contacted a week ago asking if I could make a neckpiece suitable for wearing at a wedding. It was to be in shades of dusky pink and purple and include butterflies and bugs. This was not the time to be including any of my favourite skulls, this time the neckpiece was to be full of life and nature.

It was in contrast to a collar recently made for a friend who had recently lost her mother. Claires collar 1Claires collar 2

She had asked me to make a collar especially for the funeral, featuring red roses, butterflies and tiny skulls. This was a particularly poignant piece for me as I started on this wearable art journey soon after my own father passed.


To construct this neckpiece to be worn at the wedding, I gathered together all of my favourite flowers and butterflies in suitable shades to fit the colour palette along with some beautiful gold textured fabric . I do love a bit of gold and sparkle. I also included a few small artificial flowers to add a 3D element to the design. I love the look of the pinned sketches , they are so blowsy and overblown. The construction process tames them a little but the addition of sequins and beads adds back the drama. pinned Janice

Once pinned and approved by the client I then go ahead and sew down the various elements and join it all together. A few broken needles later  and a few hours of hand beading and sequinning , this is the result:

Janice 1Janice2Janice 10Janice6Janice17Janice 4Janice14Janice7Janice16Janice 3Janice19Janice11Janice5Janice15Janice 8Janice13Janice18Janice 12Janice9

For enquiries about the bespoke process , email me here


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