Letting the Story Emerge

Last December I was lucky enough to be introduced to one of the loveliest men on the music scene, with the voice of an angel: Vince Kidd. You may remember him as the Billy Idol lookalike on the Voice three years back who gave Jesse J a run for her money when they performed together in the live finals.

Since then Vince has reemerged after a break as a grunge soul  singer, looking more Kurt Cobain than Billy Idol but still with that angelic voice. I spent some time with Vince after a Christmas party event where he delivered a beautiful performance. Afterwards we got chatting and he asked me if I’d ever painted on leather jackets before. I replied that I hadn’t but I’d love to give it a go…

So he trusted me with his very heavy black biker leather jacket and I lugged it back home, slightly anxious I might just mess up a perfectly good jacket.

We spoke on social media and he told me about his love for Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. He shared a mixture of his lyrics with me and told me his love for all things psychedelic and religious iconography: all very much in my taste. He mentioned a golden palm tree and the Garden of Eden, and a picture started to emerge of Adam and Eve, the fallen angels in Paradise. I mentioned my obsession with flames and Vince was keen to include them. I found a partner in the ‘more is more’ ethos.

Vince jacket map

The story starts to emerge

Vince jacket front

Flames and a sacred heart

Vince jacket back

The finished back

Vince in jacket

And Vince in the finished jacket.

So the story of the two fallen angels, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain in the Garden of Eden emerged. Instead of the apple, Amy ( Eve) offers Kurt ( Adam) a plate of magic mushrooms emblazoned with a tempting EAT ME instruction.

Amy mushrooms


The snake curled around the palm tree echoes the pharmacological symbol commonly used historically, representing the evils of drug addiction. The flowers surrounding the couple have skulls nestling amongst them, hinting at the dark inevitability of death . flowers and flamesVince’s lyrics feature above the tree Cherubim and Seraphim they’re taking over everything.

Under the tree ,above the flames , more lyrics : Nature never lies, listen to the flowers. Love’s never gonna die , so let’s waste these hours  Living life immortal. Nature never lies

Hellfire licks up the hemline and from the edges of the sleeves.

The front of the jacket features an anatomical sacred heart with a banner with more lyrics : They tell me I should sing about sex and drugs and all that crazy stuff. But even the Bad Kidd falls in love   written in tiny letters.sacred heart.jpg

Then larger lyrics run down inside the front zipper flap: Higher than high no you’ll never bring me down. Give what you give , what you give, give , give. Live , fucking live, fucking live , live , live.c.Art in flames


I’ll leave you with Vince’s sublime voice.



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