Wearable Art for Everyone

Join the Wearable Art revolution!

( photo above by Zac Zenza, I’m wearing a beautiful headpiece by Bink of Pearls and Swine)

I often hear people say to me, ” I love what you make but I don’t have the confidence like you to pull it off”.

Say what? I don’t understand…

Photos above by Tim Hoy-Griffiths

Tim and l

Tim the photographer and I, Tim wearing his bespoke jacket. I’m wearing Pearls and Swine headpiece and a necklace by Sue Kreitzman.

Okay, granted, not everyone has the chutzpah and the opportunity to look like some of my friends most of the time, after all we are a rather a colourful lot and are lucky enough to make it part of our everyday lives. It brings us joy and picks us up when life knocks us down.

Here’s the beautiful Marnie Scarlet wearing my c.Art creations . She wears them so well. Photos by Max Deviant.

Sometimes I get asked if I could tone down what I do , to make it more ‘tame’ . I say “Beige off” to that. This is what it is, if I remove the vibrancy, I have  nothing left. No, taming it down isn’t the way to make wearable art more wearable. So I put my thinking cap on.

There had to be another way that made my wearable art more accessible to the human on the street.

This is what I came up with: the wearable art neckpiece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Perfect for both sexes, they are a bit of flamboyance that can be popped over the London black uniform to transform office wear into the base for a piece of statement art.

The Frida Kahlo neckpieces have proven to be very popular. Each one is different, individuality and uniqueness being at the heart of my brand. Here are pictures of the two latest Frida neckpieces:

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The neckpieces are all padded and quilted, are comfortable to wear and are all hand beaded and sequinned with handpainted elements, making each one completely unique. You can create your own one by sharing with me your own favourite images and colours and let me make your dreams a reality. This process starts from £160 ,( plus post and packaging) and goes up to £200 depending on the amount of beading and number of handpainted elements.

To join the waiting list for your own piece of wearable art, and join the colour tribe , email me on mailto:thebabyfairyfifi@hotmail.com with NECKPIECE your subject line.

So what are you waiting for, you can be a part of the colour tribe too! Vaults




  1. violetonlineisonline · January 24, 2016

    oh my gosh i love everything here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dianegoldieartist · January 24, 2016

      Thank you so much Violet. I love helping people express their inner visions.


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