Magic, Mystery and Wonder

I’d like to tell you a story of magic, mystery and wonder. Many years ago in the midst of my cynicism and before I knew my worth, I was given a tarot reading. The future card drawn was the Queen of Cups.

Queen of Cups Ellygator

Queen of Cups Tarot card by Ellygator

This was interpreted to me as a flamboyant older woman with light hair , goddess-like , who would come into my life later on and change it. At the time I scoffed at it. I mean, who believes in all that stuff anyway. So I put it aside as a fun moment and paid it no mind. Until…

Thirty years later Sue Kreitzman bought a Medusa bag that I had made, via social media. This wonderful woman walked into my life and changed it. I gained a new life, new confidence but most importantly of all , a new friend. Sue bag

Okay so let me see… flamboyant older woman. Check.

Light hair? White light enough for you ? Check.

Goddess like? Certainly, Sue is our colour goddess. Her art is about the goddess. She is her art. Ergo she is Goddess. Check.

Change my life? Well, let’s just say this caterpillar has bust out of the cocoon and turned into a butterfly. From a humble children’s entertainer to fully fledged artist almost overnight. (It’s only taken me , well all my life really, I just needed the validation and authoritative   female voice to drown out my mother’s voice going round in my head that I’d never be an artist.) Thank you Sue. Thank you. So… check.

So the tarot card prediction came true. Even though I don’t believe in that stuff. Then Medusa started to take over and infect me with her influence.

What am I talking about ? Well I’ll explain. So there was Medusa on the bag that brought me to Sue. Two winters ago I bought a print of an interpretation of Caravaggio’s Medusa using Divine and flamingos. Say what? I’ll let it speak for itself.

Divine medusa

Well something that camp had to come and live with me. What’s not to love?  It  went perfectly with my pink painted leopard skin kitchen wall and the Magdelene and angels on my ceiling. ( Yes I’m an odd one. )

Okay so leaving discussions of dubious taste aside ( I love it, that’s all that matters) I stared at the camp Medusa while I washed dishes. It helped with the monotony. Then last June this happened…

John and I

Scorpio, me , John Waters , Jane and Catherine. We were so excited!

Yes that’s right, that’s me with my eyes closed with John Waters‘ arm around me. John Waters, King of Filth, King of Cool and the director of Pink Flamingos starring Divine. See the connection? He turned up at the opening of my window display at the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities back in June last year.

It was a pinch me I’m dreaming moment.

John and Sue

Here’s lovely Sue with John and my friend Jane.

So who knows what’s next in the magical , mysterious journey of my life? I’m open  to the magic now. Let’s just go with the flow.




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