A powerful garment for a powerful woman

A little while ago I made this:Sisterhood kimono

the story behind which you can read about here.

It has proven to be a very powerful garment indeed. Each time I wear it, I am forced to stand proud in such a grand kimono. I cannot be submissive, it checks my conditioning and reminds me that I am woman in her full glory. The enormous sleeves force me to take up space which is a very paradoxical thing for a woman who is supposed to be invisible , having now reached menopause. I am not only not invisible, I take up more space than most in this garment.


Photo by Tim Hoy Griffiths

It is a Japanese Empress style garment, reminding me to walk with status and confidence, even if I’m feeling insignificant and shy


and this is before the legend written across my back and the powerful symbol of Frida Kahlo as Medusa. It is my sisterhood kimono, it has it’s own magical properties of uniting women and spreading the message of bonding , love and unity as a force for change.

speech hug Terry Payman photo

Here I am getting a very warm hug from the wonderful human, Speech Debelle . I love this photo.

I met a young woman wearing this garment fairly recently quite by accident. We ended up talking for hours, forging a solid bond of sisterhood. I shared my story with her and she shared hers with me. Things weren’t going that well for her at that point in her life, just as things had gone horribly wrong for me at the same sort of juncture in my life. We parted after quite some time and I  looked forward to adding her  to my facebook group of friends.I didn’t hear from her for quite some time. I admit I had some concern as I knew things were difficult for her. Around 6 months later I got a message from this same young woman that she wanted to meet me for tea. I went, not sure what to expect. I couldn’t have anticipated the extraordinary transformation I was to witness. This young woman had completely turned her life around, I was overwhelmed by her deep understanding of her story and her rich grasp of feminism that had clearly become part of her world. I was so proud of this woman for walking through her pain and taking the reins of her own life. A woman is very powerful ( and dangerous to Patriarchy ) once she understands her worth.

She asked me to make her her own version of my kimono. So I did . And here it is:

I can’t wait to see her in it and feel her power.

If you’d like your own kimono or garment made, with any image or personal symbol, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’m best reached by email :thebabyfairyfifi@hotmail.com

Website is a work in progress but here it is c.Art





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