A New Way to Wear Art

I’ve been making wearable art now for three years. I started out with a basic kimono format, now the kimonos are available in three lengths and with various sleeve styles. I also make dresses  two vintage shapes, a fitted pencil , high necked 50s dress or a sweetheart neckline halter full circle dress. Capes of two styles , a short no hooded capelet and a hooded longer cape have joined the repertoire. Fitted knee length skirts and dresses based on a classic Frida Kahlo style have been made and mostly sold. Men’s blazers and women’s blazers, all done in my inimitable OTT style have made an appearance along with kaftan shaped dresses and lined skater coats. I’m enjoying the variety. The one thing I’m really proud of though is my own invention, the applique neckpiece. It all came about when I had a scrap of fabric left over from cutting out butterflies. The fabric was so pretty, with bright colours in an abstract pattern that I draped it around the neck of one of my mannequins. It looked good. I started to add various elements to it, a skull here , a flower there and I started to see the potential.

So here we have a few examples of what became of that first tentative experiment: I’ve made quite a few now and they sell almost as soon as I make them. What’s really useful about these pieces is that they are easy to wear and can be popped over a plain black dress or even a t shirt and jeans to immediately transform a casual outfit into something special. They’re all fastened simply with a press stud at the back and are all padded with a super soft fleece for comfort and to give a lovely quilted effect on the front. Hand beaded and sequinned after construction, they are all individual works of art that you can wear . Every one unique, they cost £160  and bespoke ones  are available to order here


Frida neckpiece back

The back of the Frida neckpiece. SOLD

Frida neckpiece1

This Frida neckpiece is sold.

Skull and flames 1

The latest make: very rock n roll.

skull and flames backskull and flames detailskull fringed back

skull fringed front

This skull neckpiece looks great on men too.

Diane Goldie fashion show at the Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Scorpio wearing a skull neckpiece and rock jacket by c.Art


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