Conquer fear with Colour

Photo  of Diane Goldie at the Vaults above by Chelone Wolf Photography

Colour is Intimidating ?

Why are so many people so afraid of colour? Why do the majority wear neutral shades when we have the whole rainbow spectrum to choose from?  What does it mean to wear colour? What is this irrational response to colour when all it is is a different light wavelength?  So many questions I’m asking. I’m not going to try to come up with the answers to these questions, more that I’m interested in sparking a thought process in your head, dear reader.  I’ve heard that colour is vulgar, colour is uncouth, colour is common. Could it be that wearing colour implies low status? I’m not a status seeker, I’ve decided to opt out of the competitive culture that surrounds me, so that aspect of wearing colour doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m working towards a bonding culture in my quest to spread colour love and help create the colour tribe. It’s already begun, want to join? Ella hug

Colour is Emotional

Do you know that wearing orange helps you be sociable? I’m a shy sort, if I’m feeling like I need a little injection of sociability , I wear orange and hey presto, like magic, people stop and chat to me. Of course, having the confidence to wear the bright tone of tangerine projects an air of confidence to whoever you meet, which attracts people to you. Job done really. _IMG7361

Colour is uplifting

Feeling blue? Feeling off colour? Try wearing a splash of bright colour. It really works to lift your mood. People smile when you wear colour. Children smile, what’s more cheery than that? I went out for a bite to eat with my daughter the other night, and this happened…Pedro and me

This is lovely Pedro who insisted on having his photo taken with me. He works at Itsu in Soho. He liked colour. It made him smile and we chatted lots. See? Happy! Not scary. Then later on this happened…



pink sparkles blog

Forgive my gormless expression , we didn’t have enough phone battery to do many takes to get my face to work! But look at the glorious ,sparkly , glittery new friends I met. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go near them if I hadn’t been dressed in colour. What a shame that would’ve been.

I couldn’t write a blog post about colour without mentioning the Queen of Colour, my Goddess of Hue, Fabulous Fashionista , Queen Bee, Typhoid Mary of colour , Sue Kreitzman. Sue and IAfter meeting Sue and having the privilege to call her my dear friend, I was reborn into my true colourful self  after hiding under my cocoon of black and sensible for years of mummyhood. Meeting Sue and seeing her live in her authentic bright , authentic colour was nothing short of inspirational. Her vibrancy gave me permission to be my true authentic self, to revert back to the playful, art school girl I once was, that girl who used to paint her face to match her clothes and walk tall in the street. I’m back, and I’m back with gusto. Thank you Sue. Thank you. I’m taking on that kaleidoscopic baton and passing it on to all who dare to take that  vibrant plunge .

I truly believe that living in colour is a declaration of rebellion, a roar of freedom, a symbolic two fingers up to blending in and being invisible. See my colour. Do not be afraid but know that once you take the plunge , colour will change your life.

Sue here wearing a very special kimono I made for her that featured her favourite colour,

Sue Colour kimono

Sue in her extraordinary home, portrait in the background by Ella Guru

red. Colour kimono back

Do you see it now? Can you understand the power of colour? It hits you in the guts and winds you.

Here’s an example of someone who is fearless and completely joyful when it comes to colour. I absolutely adore her. Just take a look. You’ll understand…


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