Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy Teesdale who runs the Humans Of Greater London  site on Facebook at my exhibition in the Vaults Gallery. I was featured in one of their posts, I feel very honoured. Thanks Cathy! Here’s the post:

“You know what it is about the menopause? It kind of IS a crazy time, but your hormones are actually levelling out and, once they’ve levelled out, you get a mental clarity that you’ve never had before, which is extraordinary. So you’re not actually going crazy – you’re going sane! You also get access to rage, because you break down that conditioning that says women cannot be angry. This is why women are so depressed, generally, because we get taught that we can’t express anger, so we internalise it. But once you start raging, once you start stamping your foot, then you can lift up and push through it.

“Meanwhile, men are told they’re not allowed to express their emotions, which is just as bad. They’re allowed to express their rage, but they’re not allowed to express the kindness and gentleness and vulnerability and nurturing and empathy that we’re all capable of as human beings.

“So yeah, we need to fuck this shit up! The older I get, the more I swear. I once met an old lady who was about 90 and she said ‘You know, I only started swearing last year and I find it fucking liberating!’ And it is, isn’t it? As long as you don’t swear every second word, because then it loses it’s power. But if you really want to make a passionate point, swearing is good!”

Diane Goldie, chatting with us (her audience) after reading her powerful poetry at ‘The World of Diane Goldie’ in The Vaults Gallery, Leake Street, Lambeth.HOGL


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