Breaking out of the cocoon

“You’ll never be an artist, you can only copy. Real artists draw from their heads. “

Words heard by 6 year old me, as I proudly showed mum my latest drawing, a copy from Jackie Magazine of some early 70s pop star or another, probably my crush , Donny Osmond. Those words would echo around my head for years to come, informing me that being an artist was something I could never aspire to, despite loving to draw and paint.

So after a short abortive stint at art college ( my step father sweetly encouraged me to go before it all went ehem…pear shaped , I think is the term…) I found myself running my own small business as a children’s entertainer/puppeteer.  That went on for 25 years… through recessions and credit crunches, I was in demand to entertain London’s children. I specialised in the very young, a notoriously difficult sector of humanity to entertain, which I relished. I’m a big kid at heart, and found I had a knack of relating to the smallest of party goers. Especially with my fairy puppet Fifi. I’ll show you a picture of her later.

To follow the puppet story in detail, head over to my puppet blog There I’ve charted the story of my puppet years, right up until meeting the wonderful Queen of Colour and my inspiration, Sue Kreitzman.

Sue and I

Sue changed my life. Sue changes many people’s lives, she has that effect. It’s like you meet Sue as a cocoon and after meeting her you become a butterfly. Sue makes things seem possible. Because they are. Sue helped me believe in myself. She broke the spell that my mother had cast over me so many years before. Sue really is my fairy godmother, my colour goddess and my inspiration. I owe her so much. I adore her. She has the same effect on everyone who meets her. Sue brings out your authenticity, she banishes the beige , she encourages you to shine. Zac Vaults 2

I’m going to keep on shining, Sue. Just watch me. I’ve only just started. And it’s all because of you. Sue and I

Poor Fifi came to a cruel end. Not really, it was just the only way we could get her to stay on the wall for the exhibition. No, she’s not laughing. She says it’s not funny. Ah Fifi, we had some fun. Here’s a very heart warming post from a time when Fifi was working her magic . Don’t judge a fairystory by it’s cover

Crucified fifi


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